Is the End Near? Or are Jesus Freaks just Going Crazy?

It was just like the time I had my heart broken.

Numbly nodding, I bit my bottom lip. I felt as though I had been punched in the gut. Punched so hard that my very heart had fallen out of my chest and landed on the floor with a deafening thud.

Perhaps, the thud was simply the sound of the door slamming shut, as he walked out of my life forever.

I forced a swallow past the lump of swollen anxiety in my throat, vowing to stubbornly ignore the empty hole that had once been a heart.

That was until today, when without warning, I felt the gut wrenching blow of that aching pain again.

My legs wavered. My heart sank. I felt nauseous. Only this time, it was different. This time it was imperatively more significant than the temporary ache of a love grown cold. This time, it was an ache that would echo through all of mankind.

It all started as my day had finally neared its end. It had been a long, tiring day. I slipped away into my bedroom to relax. Resting my head on a fluffy down filled pillow, I could feel the coolness of the silk sheets beneath my skin. A fan in the corner of the room blew a gentle breeze across my bare legs, occasionally casting a strand of hair onto my face, that I brushed away with little thought.

There I lay. So comfortable. So safe. Clearing my mind of the tribulations of a typical day. Plugging my headphones into my cell, I clicked open YouTube, randomly selecting a video on the homepage.

I watched the screen as various individuals performed outstanding feats. Bungee jumping. Rock climbing. Sky diving. I watched these people soar to new heights, as a voice echoed through my headphones instructing its listeners to get up, get out there, and make the changes necessary to have the life you dream of.

The video made me smile. It was impressively motivational. I shared it to Facebook and glanced at the list of suggested videos that awaited me. Instantly, one video grabbed my attention. “The Greatest Speech EVER Made!!”

Now, I’ve heard some phenomenal speeches throughout my days. There’s Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream”. There was Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. There have been speeches made by pastors, and motivational speakers, and even by everyday friends, that have left me astounded with their words.

Surely, “The Greatest Speech EVER Made!!” must be something insanely out of this world!

As you can imagine, I clicked on the link.

I was skeptical at first. Critiquing. Searching for justification to my already stubborn mindset that it most certainly was NOT the greatest speech ever made. Within a short time, I had simmered down to considering that the speech was not that bad after all. In fact, it was pretty good. Before I knew it, I felt myself nodding in agreement to the words blaring through my headphones.

This is the video that I saw….

Yes! Yes! They are right! The greed. The hatred. The inequality. It is destroying the very world in which we live in. It’s not right. It won’t ever be right. Not until we are all truly equal. Until we all come together as one. One perfect image of unity.

As the crowds of humanity all came together wearing those masks. In perfect unity, pulling the masks down. That is when it happened!

A gut wrenching blow so forceful. So deeply, achingly, forceful. That I bolted straight up in my bed ripping the headphones from my ears as though they were on fire.

Yes! Yes! They are right! Our world will not be equal until we are ALL equal. Until we are all governed by one equal law. Until we all have equal say. Equal opportunity. Equal rights. Until we all have one equal currency. Until we all have one equal mark… the mark, of the beast.

JUST as Revelations tells us.

I wanted to vomit. I wanted to cry. I wanted to go back to the naïve woman, I was, just moments before. Mostly though, I wanted to scream. Scream from the rooftop, like a batshit crazy lady, warning you ALL!

But, why warn you? What would we do? Stop it from happening?

Who’s going to stop it?

The non-believers? They don’t even believe that the bible is God’s word. What possible rational justification would they have to stop world peace, world unity?

So, the believers? Give me a break. It is God’s will. WHY would they WANT to stop it?

Open your eyes! Look around you!

What is everyone; rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight, Christian, Atheist, crying for? Equality.

The rich scream because their hard earned money is supporting the poor. The poor cry over all the opportunities they will never have. The black protest over racism still existing in today’s world. The white scream to stop making them pay for the crimes of their ancestors. The gay screamed for their rights to marriage. The Christians screamed for their beliefs being trampled on. The Atheists screamed, in retaliation of the Christians, that they to, had rights to their beliefs.

We all have different fights.

We all scream different cries.

But, really, are we so different after all? What is the one thing that all of these desperate cries have in common?

We are ALL crying for equality.

Slowly, but surely, we begin to see that our voices are not being heard. Our rulers are doing as they deem fit, regardless of what we say we want. One by one, we begin to realize, that the fight is not with each other, but with the politicians that are manipulating the law with little acknowledgement of our votes, our opinions, our cries.

The ironic part… Christians are at the TOP of the list of people that are spreading this message. The endless list of Christians that aren’t threatened by the new law making same sex marriages legal. They are simply hurt. Outraged even. That their votes, the votes that had the majority, were not heard….

“Beware of false teachings” echos through my mind.

I was one of them. I was among the many. I was full heartedly nodding in agreement to THIS video, this idea, this message of true equality!

The wheels have already been set into motion. Put your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. There’s no stopping now kids!

There is only ONE way the fight for equality can truly end… World unity.

Suddenly, my heartbreak from so many years passed, is nothing more than a paper cut that had long since been forgotten. This is a true ache. A far deeper ache. An ache for all of humanity. Because, I know, beyond a glimmer of doubt, that so many, so so many people, are going to hear the truth… and then, they will slam the door with a thud. Walking away. Forever.

And I don’t know how to save them….


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