“If You Could Just Keep An Open Mind, You’d See That I Am Always Right”

We all have strong feelings that we can’t look past until we feel heard. When we reach this point, when we feel truly listened to, an overwhelming freedom encompasses us. Only then, can we actually read many of the articles published that disagree with our beliefs, with an open mind. Pointedly, without feeling offended or defensive

With this new found freedom to openly listen to others, we begin to actively click on articles, that only yesterday, we would have rolled our eyes at and scrolled past. Maybe, it isn’t so much that we are sick of hearing about “it”, more than, we are sick of being forced to personally understand exactly where we stand…. Regardless, we begin to read viewpoints of all sorts of varieties. It feels refreshing, to truly listen to those that don’t agree.

In doing this, we happen upon specific articles that capture our thoughts more intently, such as one I recently came upon. It was an article detailing the argument that since same sex marriages are now legal, it opens the door to nearly all laws that differ from state to state to become legal throughout the country. Here’s just a small clip from the article….

“That’s how freedom works: It’s not just freedom for YOUR favorite issues, but freedom for other issues, too.
You can’t discriminate against people based on their personal beliefs, you see. So if gay couples’ right to be married must be universally recognized across all states, then gun owners’ right to carry firearms must also be universally recognized across all states. That’s the way freedom works: once a principle is affirmed and set into the history of interpretation of law, it must be applied universally.” Marc Greendorfer.

Granted, this argument is most strongly being shared by gun right activist and those Christians that feel provoking fear into others will bring people to “their side” (ex: now that gay marriage is legal, underage marriage will be legal and pedophiles will be in their glory, and other such nonsense) So, we may read it with an added grain of speculation. Never the less, we can’t help but to admit that the argument does have some valid standing ground.

We begin to ponder… would that also include marijuana use, which is legal in some states but not all? What about homeschooling laws? What laws will this new precedent be forced to change? Will they even be brought to the attention of the Supreme Court in order to be changed? What laws throughout our country do people care about deeply enough to fight for? And, after all of this, how much, if anything, will change when another president comes into play?

And then, we suddenly realize that the true question still remains….

Do any of us… gay, straight, christian, atheist, white, black… truly have any choice, but to sit back and watch it unfold?


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