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  • Just a Pile of Stones Trying to be an Empire

    Writing has been difficult lately. Usually the words flow from my fingers like water over Niagara Falls. The problem isn’t the words though. There are billions of words that rush through my mind. Trillions of thoughts. Millions of stories to share. The writing though, it’s a struggle I’m not really used to. 

  • Frustration: How to Cope

    I just finished pulling the heart out of an old post and revising and editing it to present the topic in a fresh new way. After hours of work I clicked the publish button…. Then it just sat there. My computer had froze! A “publishing” screen sneered in my face. I ended up losing the entire post! Gone. Poof. Into thin air. As though it had never existed. 

    Talk about frustration!!

  • What if You Could Change the NEWS?!

    The majority of Americans no longer watch, listen, or read about the news anymore. Why? Because it is all just too negative….

  • Walk with me, and hopefully you’ll see, that all along I was really walking with you.

    It’s been nearly a year since I’ve written and as I read over my last post I think of all that has happened since then. After leaving the children’s hospital with my grandson we made an immediate and very drastic… Read More ›

  • It is what it is, in case you were wondering.

    It’s easy to write in the hard times. Things just flow. Words scream out from broken hearts and onto the page. The good times though, those times it can be more difficult to form the passionate words so easily found… Read More ›

  • We Are Our Choices

    It’s all about the big choices. The choice to continue our education. The choice of which school to go to. The choice of who we marry. Where we’ll live. How many kids we have. Our career choices. Our religious choices…. Read More ›

  • Time Waits for No One

    Yesterday I hit publish on WordPress, closed my tablet case down, and continued debating my next move for another minute or two. I wanted nothing more than to stay where I was, laying on my back with my arms up… Read More ›

  • The Fight Continues

    I wonder what it is like to live without depression. It must be such a free feeling. I bet people without depression don’t even realize how truly free they are. I wonder if my depression affects my mediocre coping skills,… Read More ›

  • A Moment Inside my Head… I Mean, Day. A Moment Inside my Day.

    Yesterday was amazing! And this is coming from a girl that’s suffering from a recent episode of depression, so you know it had to be good. I lay on the hard bed, my hospital gown comfortably tucked around me. The… Read More ›

  • Another Slice of Cake Please?

    Squinting my eyes shut I whisper to no one, ” I wish I could lose weight.” Slowly exhaling a deeply held breath the candle in front of me flickers a moment and then is blown out. I eat my cake,… Read More ›

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